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Nov 30, 2005

Duane Lawrence


I am currently working for Ajilon Consulting as a DBA.

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The actual Experts-Exchange Certificate

Microsoft has launched SQL Server 2005, I went to the launch event in Dallas and learned a lot about the new features. For example, it has an index tunning wizard that will tell you when an existing index was last used and what indexes you are missing that need to be added. Microsoft also gave those that attended a standard edition of SQL Server 2005 one CAL to those that attended.

I have loaded it into virtual PC on my laptop since I don't have a spare server laying around. Stay tuned, I intend to publish some example stored procedures for 2005. But first I have to buy more RAM for my laptop, it runs but it crawls.

There's a lot more about me on my site. Just make a selection in the menu on the left.

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